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Herbalife Shake Recipes — Healthy And Nutritious Shakes

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Herbalife shakes are a great nutritious option for those who are on diet. It helps in weight loss while giving your body all the required nutrition. These can be prepared with several innovative herbalife shake recipes available online.

Here are a few innovative herbalife shake recipes you can enjoy and benefit from:

Herbalife apple and cream shake

This simple recipe requires a cup of apple juice, some crushed ice, a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and two spoons full herbalife vanilla. In order to prepare the shake, just add all the ingredients to the blender and blend well. Serve with small apple slices on the top.

Herbalife shake recipe for cappuccino shake

Add four ounces of skimmed milk, some ice cubes, four ounces of vanilla yogurt, a tablespoon of instant coffee, and two tablespoons of formula 1 herbalife Dutch chocolate in a blender and mix well. This delicious recipe will make one serving. It has 196 total calories with nineteen grams protein, one gram fat, twenty eight grams carbohydrates and four milligrams of cholesterol. This shake is healthy and not fattening.

Fruity herbalife shake recipes

You can make several types of shakes with herbalife formula 1. Fruit shakes are healthy and refreshing. To prepare fruity shakes with herbalife, you need two spoons of any flavor herbalife dessert, eight ounces of fruit juice; you can take any fruit juice you like but orange or grapefruit juice will make the shake amazingly splendid. Add orange extract alongwith rest of the ingredients and few ice cubs into the blender and blend really well. These quantities will make one serving.

Vanilla shake

This shake is a rich source of vitamins B complex, zinc, iron, calcium and vitamin C. To prepare it, you need two tablespoons of herbalife French vanilla mix, eight ounces of skimmed milk, four ounces of non fat yogurt and a few ice cubes. Add the ingredients to blender and blend well. You can garnish it with fresh fruits if you want. It has total 228 calories and six milligrams of cholesterol. Protein content is around 23g and fat is 1g.

High protein pumpkin shakes

You need two tablespoons of high protein low carbohydrate vanilla flavor shake, quarter cup canned pumpkin, one cup apple juice or milk and half teaspoon of mixed spiced which include cinnamon and nutmeg. Blend all the ingredients well and enjoy the refreshing herbalife shake.

Above mentioned are only a few herbalife shake recipes which you can try making with herbalife shake mix. You can try different variations with them according to your own taste and requirements

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